Do you have a good story to tell? An amazing passion or an interesting ethnic collection to share with all of us?

Are you passionate about Zanzibar’s doors, Japanese inros, Hopi pottery? Are you an expert of Tibetan tankas, Yoruba Adire textiles, Yixing teapots?

Do you know a local artisan cooperative, a social project, a group of people crafting wonderful traditional items worthy of being discovered?

The ETHNIC HOME will welcome your contributions and articles.

Here there are some GUIDELINES to be respected.

  • Contributions can be texts, pictures, videos, drawings, audio files, etc., on the usual electronic formats. They have to be original and unpublished online.
  • All contributions will not be paid. We are not a commercial website nor a business company. We will not make any money on your work, and you will not send us self-promotional or advertising material.
  • We will accept texts and videos in English or French. We can edit your piece (for correct spelling and grammar, of course); however, we cannot translate from any language to English because we are not a commercial translation agency (and we know nothing of 99% of world languages).
  • We are keen to publish contributions on definite and non-generic topics: the more specific they are, the more we will like them! Do not send us a vague piece about African baskets or stools, but texts, pictures, or videos on Tutsi Agaseki vases or Ashanti stools, just as an example. Would you like to write about a subject that we have already covered? Great! The variety of voices and perspectives makes everything more interesting.
  • Texts do have to refer to reliable sources and give verifiable information. You can express your opinions or personal researches, as well, if you are an expert in the field.
  • Your contribution will be fully signed. You can add a short note about yourself, including a direct link to your website, blog, social media account, company, e-commerce, etc. Are you an antique dealer or an ethnic art gallerist? We will benefit from your knowledge, and you will get more traffic to your commercial website.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the publication of any contribution which does not fulfill the specified requirements, does not have any value for us and our readers, or has been plagiarized from other sources.
  • We are very committed to avoid and fight cultural prejudices, biases, and stereotypes, but we will not accept texts with political or ideological content only.

Alyx Becerra

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